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Dependence of Living Things in a Pond

All living things have basic needs to survive. Even though the needs are the same, how the plants and animals meet those needs differ depending on where they live. Investigate how plants and animals in a pond adapt in order to survive in their respective habitats.

Norwalk, Iowa

Driving Question


  • How do living things acquire the things they need to survive?

Probing Questions

  • As you watch the video, what adaptations do you notice the animals make so they can survive in their habitat?
  • What do the plants and animals do when the pond becomes shallow due to evaporation?

Classroom Suggestions

Students could:

  • Investigate a habitat box with items found in that habitat, and discuss what the habitat is, what living things live there and how they survive in the conditions associated with that habitat.
  • Go on a walk by a specific habitat (pond, woodlands, etc) and look for living things. Have students look for where the living things get their food, water, etc., and discuss their findings. 
  • Create a food chain of living things in a pond to show interdependence and discuss. 

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Iowa Core Alignment


Use a model to represent the relationship between the needs of different plants or animals (including humans) and the places they live

Credit Info

Phenomena submitted by Janet Riordan.

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