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Severe Weather - Tornadoes

These are multiple photos taken over the course of two hours. They are photos of a tornado forming in Bondurant, Iowa. This storm had life threatening damages to the town.

Altoona, Iowa

Driving Question

  • Why is it important to predict and communicate severe weather?

Probing Questions

  • How can we prepare to stay safe in severe weather, specifically tornadoes in Iowa?
  • What do you think the meteorologist is doing and saying to the community at the time of this storm?
  • Tornadoes are unique to the Midwest.  What storms are there in other regions that we do not have in Iowa?

Classroom Suggestions

Students could:

  • Make a list of safety precautions that we take to stay safe during a tornado.
  • Take a walk to the school tornado safe place.
  • Interview a local meteorologist and ask questions about severe weather in your region.

Relevant Related Resources

Why Are Tornadoes So Hard to Predict | Mystery Doug | YouTube: Watch this video that explains why tornadoes are hard to predict!
How Do Tornadoes Form? | Wonderopolis: Visit this website to learn more about how tornadoes form. Read an article, look at pictures and watch a video!
Tornado Cleanup | KMTV 3 News | YouTube: Watch the news coverage of the 2018 tornado in Bondurant! What damages do you notice? What sounds do you hear during the storm?

Iowa Core Alignment


Ask questions to obtain information about the purpose of weather forecasting to prepare for, and respond to, severe weather

Credit Info

Phenomena submitted by Lexi Wiltgen.

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