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Bird Migration

While exploring outside you may see a variety of different birds. You may notice that in the winter, there are some types of birds still around but others have flown south. You may wonder why some of those birds are gone and their nests are empty. This phenomenon will look for the patterns as to why this happens.

Sioux County, Iowa

Possible Guiding, Compelling and/or Anchoring Questions

  • Why do only some birds fly south in the winter?
  • What do birds need to survive when temperatures get cold?

Classroom Suggestions

  • Students could: 
    • Participate in a game where they pretend to travel to different locations indicated by hula hoops in a classroom or on a playground to get food, water and rest just as birds do when they migrate. (Information on this activity can also be found also in pbskids link.) 
    • View this Eagle Cam and observe what is in a bird nest or what is needed for a nest to provide for birds.
    • Work through the migration challenge from PBS Kids. It includes many different activities for students to do.

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