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Sharing Phenomena

The purpose of this project is to curate and share a growing collection of Iowa-specific phenomena, particularly those that represent locally-relevant or unique concepts. We are eager to showcase phenomena created by teachers across Iowa. Use the provided form to share your local phenomena along with descriptive and supporting information. All submissions will be reviewed prior to publication. Please send any questions you have about this submission process to

The form includes the following fields. An asterisk (*) denotes a required field.

Your Information

Please provide your contact information so we can reach you if we have questions about your submission. The name, organization and city shared in this form will be included in the resource credits.

  • *Email address
  • *First and Last Name
  • School/Organization Name
  • School/Organization City
  • *Zipcode

Resource Information

  • *Title
    Provide a short name for your phenomenon. The title should be a literal description of what can be seen.
  • *Description
    Provide a short description of the observed phenomenon which includes the observable science or engineering concepts.
  • Link to video, image, or other file format representing phenomena
    If your phenomena is already online, please include the URL link to the published work (video, image, document, dataset, etc.).
  • Additional media details
    List any other details you have about the media resource. If there is a particular start/stop time in the video that best represents your phenomena, please include the timecode for the beginning and end of the desired segment.
  • Upload image or related file of phenomena
    If your phenomena is not already published online and you would like it published through this system, you can upload it using this form. *Please do not submit work that you haven't created or isn't licensed under creative commons.
  • If not created by you, please provide an attribution for the creator, publisher, and/or copyright owner of any part of this resource.
  • If relevant, please indicate the location where the phenomena was captured.

Iowa Core Alignment

In the following section, please indicate the specific grade and Iowa Core standard that the phenomena best applies to.

  • Grade Level
  • Iowa Core Standard
  • Science and Engineering Practices
  • Crosscutting Concepts

Supporting Information

  • *Please list one to three possible guiding, compelling and/or anchoring questions that support this phenomena.
  • *What are suggestions for using this phenomena in a classroom?
    Provide any recommendations you have for using this phenomena in a classroom. How can you support students in their investigation of the phenomena? How can this phenomena be used in a lesson or unit sequence?
  • Please include relevant related resources.
    Related resources can include links to supporting websites, curriculum materials, additional background material, etc. As appropriate, please include relevant details on what the resource provides that supports the phenomena.

Agreement of Terms of Service

*By checking this box, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Iowa PBS Website Terms of Service.

Evaluation of Submitted Phenomena

All submitted phenomena will be evaluated using the Iowa Science Phenomena Rubric. Evaluators will complete this rubric using the information submitted in the form and will determine if the phenomenon is acceptable for publication or if it needs revisions. Feedback will be provided for submissions that need to be revised and resubmitted.

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