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Farming Prairie Flowers


This video shows Prairie Flower Farm, a northwest Iowa farm that grows native plants instead of corn or soybeans.

Spencer, IA

Possible Guiding, Compelling and/or Anchoring Questions

  • Why don’t prairie flowers grow everywhere in Iowa?
  • What does burning do?
  • How does growing new prairie affect the environment?

Classroom Suggestions

Students could:

  • Use a site like to digitally map and animate the extent of native prairie over time.
  • Evaluate what Prairie Flower Farm is doing in comparison to other prairie restoration programs.
  • Compare the biodiversity in a prairie environment to a typical corn or soybean field.
  • Analyze data on water quality over time in areas with and without prairie.
  • Research how native wildlife has been affected by depletion of prairie.
  • Design posters educating the community on local prairie restoration projects.

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Credit Info

Media produced for Iowa Outdoors by Iowa PBS.
Submitted by Dan Voss and Madison Beeler as part of their Iowa STEM Teacher Externship experience at Iowa PBS.


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