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Fecal Matter From Different Animals

There are different images of scat from different animals found in Iowa and videos of these animals eating. Students should be able to examine the scat to determine evolutionary relationships in the animals.

Wadena, Davenport, and Dixon, Iowa

Possible Guiding, Compelling and/or Anchoring Questions

  • Why does the scat look like that?
  • Why do the deer and rabbit scat look so different from the coyote and raccoon scat?
  • How can you use scat to determine an animal’s role in the ecosystem?

Classroom Suggestions

  • This could be an opener or an anchor for students to compare digestive systems and foraging behaviors in animals. Students can then construct phylogenetic trees/cladograms based on the evolutionary relationships between the organisms.  

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Disciplinary Core Idea
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Credit Info

Submitted by Laura McCreery

Raccoon scat pictures taken by Ann Meehan

Deer scat and videos taken by Larry Howell


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