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Fog in Iowa

It was 8:22 p.m. on July 22 in Decorah, Iowa, in the summer of 2023. The temperature hovered around 70 degrees. We were driving and as we were coming over a hill, we observed fog at the bottom of the hill.

Decorah, Iowa July 22, 2023 8:22 p.m.

Driving Question

  • Why and when do we see fog?

Probing Questions

  • What causes fog to form?
  • How does temperature affect when we see fog in different environments?
  • How does the time of day affect when we see fog?
  • What are some land features that are commonly found near fog?

Classroom Activities

Students could:

  • Create fog in a jar by pouring hot water into a clear jar, adding a few ice cubes, and then placing a lid on top. As the warm air cools down, you'll see fog forming inside the jar.
  • Go outside on a foggy day and observe the fog firsthand. Encourage them to describe what they see, feel, and hear.
  • Demonstrate the concept of how fog is formed by placing a cold can/glass in a warm space. The moisture in the air will condense on the cold surface, creating a layer of “fog” on the can/glass.


Iowa Core Alignment


Obtain and combine information to describe climates in different regions of the world

Credit Info

Submitted by Brittany Ligenfelter and Bri Lingenfelter.

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