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Maintaining Homeostasis for Iowa Wind and Rock Race

Iowa Wind and Rock is a 340-mile bicycle race with a 34-hour time limit. In 2020, 21 individuals started the race and only one person finished. Riders must be strategic in planning for enough food and water. They must also keep the body fueled with enough energy to complete 340 miles in 34 hours.

Central Iowa

Possible Guiding, Compelling and/or Anchoring Questions

  • What would you do to prepare yourself for this race?
  • In what ways might your body fail?
  • What investigation could you plan to provide evidence for homeostasis in the body?
  • Why do we breathe faster as we exercise?
  • How do our bodies use energy during exercise?
  • Would your body overheat?
  • How does the body regulate water and salt?

Classroom Suggestions

  • Develop an investigation plan and describe the data that will be collected about the body's homeostasis
    • Investigate what types of foods would maintain the appropriate blood glucose level.
    • Investigate and create a model about maintaining body temperature.
    • Investigate the regulation of water and salt in the body through an osmosis lab.
    • Design an investigation into muscle fatigue and the human body's response.  
  • Create a plan to complete the race while maintaining homeostasis. Including how often you should eat and drink.
  • Create a model about how your body performs cellular respiration.

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