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Redbud Blooms in Red Haw State Park


This video shows Red Haw State Park covered in pink blossoms from the redbud trees.

Red Haw State Park, Chariton, IA

Possible Guiding, Compelling and/or Anchoring Questions

  • How do plants reproduce?
  • Why is blooming necessary for pollination to occur?
  • How is pollen transferred from one blossom to another? 
  • What types of pollinators would be attracted to the redbud blossoms?

Classroom Suggestions

  • As a class, discuss why trees have blossoms, ask students to recall any similar scenarios in the trees they may live by.
  • Place students in pairs to draw what they think the individual blossoms of the redbud trees look like with labels.
  • Have the pairs of students form groups of four to share and discuss their plant models.
  • Conduct a flower dissection (or virtual) to identify the parts of a flower.
  • Assign an article for students to read in pairs and learn about the parts of the plant and the pollination process.
  • Ask the students to modify the first model they created of the parts of a flower.
  • Provide pairs of students with a list of pollinators and plants with descriptions and ask the students to match up the flower with its appropriate pollinator.
  • Have the students create a model of a plant with its reproductive parts explaining how it is pollinated.

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Credit Info

Media produced for Iowa Outdoors by Iowa PBS.
Submitted by Dan Voss and Madison Beeler as part of their Iowa STEM Teacher Externship experience at Iowa PBS.


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