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Soybean Protein Levels


This video discusses the implications of protein levels in Midwestern soybeans decreasing over time.

Johnston, IA

Possible Guiding, Compelling and/or Anchoring Questions

  • Why is the protein level in soybeans decreasing only in the United States?
  • How are livestock impacted if they receive less protein in their soybeans?

Classroom Suggestions

Students could:

  • Compile and analyze data about the ratios of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in foods. 
  • Research and compare human nutritional needs to the needs of different livestock.
  • Compare the chemical structures of different amino acids, carbohydrates and fats. Model how these compounds interact in the human or animal body.
  • Model the energy and matter flows that occur in cellular respiration.
  • Research the temperature-protein connection and discuss what it means that we can’t fully explain it yet.

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Credit Info

Media produced for Market to Market by Iowa PBS.
Submitted by Dan Voss and Madison Beeler as part of their Iowa STEM Teacher Externship experience at Iowa PBS.


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